Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is used to relieve chronic low back pain and sciatic pain. It uses electrical impulses to block pain signals from being perceived in the brain. It is used on patients that have failed to get relief from conservative therapies or surgery. Instead of sensing the pain, the patient may feel a tingling sensation to their previous pain site. Prior to implantation of a permanent stimulator, the patient undergoes a trial period with an external stimulator. The device might stay in place for a few days to see how the patient will respond to the tingling sensation. Every patient responds differently to the sensation of the stimulation. The degree of stimulation can be adjusted or turned off at any time by the patient depending upon the severity of the pain. Having a spinal cord stimulator can alter certain activities in your life. Make sure to fully discuss the procedure with your physician prior to participating in a trial stimulation.