Intrathecal Pump Therapy

Intrathecal pump therapy is an alternative method of medication delivery. It can be used in patients that suffer from chronic pain related to cancer, post laminectomy syndrome, failed back syndrome, and osteoporosis. It can also be used in patients that suffer from cerebral palsy, strokes, multiple sclerosis, or paraplegia. It works by delivering small dosages of analgesic medication to pain receptors in the spinal cord. Due to the small dosages and the direct delivery to pain receptors, the entire body does not suffer from negative side effects such as grogginess, confusion, and over-sedation. The medication enters the intrathecal space around the spinal cord via a catheter that is placed by the physician. Prior to permanent placement of an intrathecal pump, a trial study will be performed at the doctor’s clinic. If there is proven positive effects after the trial then the patient will be sent to a surgeon for permanent placement of a pump. Once a permanent pump is placed, the patient will have to have regular appointments with their physician to ensure that the pump is working properly and to refill the medication as needed.